Irrigation Fleet Management Features

Easy to use irrigation fleet management on smartphone and PC.

  • Know when the machines completed their operations
  • Know the status and water pressure of each machine
  • Detect faults faster to save time

 Overview at a glance


Text Messages on Malfunctions

  • No Movement 
  • Pressure Too Low or Too High 
  • Critical Areas Will Be Reached 
  • The Gun Carriage Is Tilted



Planning Relocations


Build your upcoming relocation plan on base of detailed data so you achieve the most effective Irrigation that is possible.

The app shows the new area of operation to the employees (Field, Lane)

The employees will find the correct lane without any problem, even in difficult areas.

You will keep the complete overview over all your planned activities.


Remote Control


Pumps can be started and stopped via smartphone at any time.

In irrigation networks, pumps will be switched on and off automatically and frequency controll is optimized.


The Irrigator can be started and stopped.
If it begins to rain or if it is too hot at noon –
 just stop via your smartphone.

 The speed can be adapted automatically
according to user-defined soil conditions.