The whole irrigation at a glance

Using the raindancer GPS system, you are able to monitor and control the irrigation from your smartphone or PC. You get real time information at a glance.

If necessary, take control using your smartphone or PC.

Using raindancer is very easy and it is avalable for every irrigation machine, new and old.

Enjoy your new freedom with improved time Management.
raindancer is easy to use and to set up.


Take a Look Inside

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Organise efficiently

Monitor your machines and get detailed information about water pressure, estimated time of completion and planned irrigation runs.

Get notifications via text message when something is not working properly or your machine is entering critical areas.

Schedule your next irrigation runs with detailed information and coordinate your irrigation movements.

Save time. No unnecessary trips just to look if everything is fine with your machinery.


Take a Deeper Look


All data about your irrigation is stored in a database automatically. It is permanently available - reports show water application by irrigator, field or crop.

Data may be exported to MS Excel® and processed there.

Make the ending of your harvesting season happy.

It‘s that simple

 Documentation of all irrigations


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